Basics of Reselling:

Step 1: Find a and buy a Trusted Vendor 

Step 2. Communicate with the vendor

Establish clear communication with the vendor. Specify your requirements precisely—size, quantity, color, logos, and any other details. Clarify shipping costs and delivery times. Building a good relationship with your vendor can lead to better deals and smoother transactions in the future.

Step 3: Inspect and Verify 1:1 Quality

Upon receiving the package, thoroughly inspect the items. Check for any defects or deviations from your specified requirements. If there are issues, communicate with the vendor promptly. Ensuring the products are of high quality is crucial for customer satisfaction and maintaining a positive reputation.

Step 4: Take High quality pictures of the item with proper lighting 

Invest time in taking professional-looking photos. Utilize different settings and lighting conditions to showcase the product from various angles. High-quality images not only attract potential buyers but also contribute to your online credibility. Consider investing in a good camera or learning advanced photography techniques to enhance your product presentation.

Ex. Outside in the sun, Inside on floor with good lighting 

  • This makes you rank higher on searches 
  • And makes you seem more reputable 

Step 5: List product on Apps

Diversify your market presence by listing your products on various platforms. Each platform has its own user base, so by casting a wide net, you increase your chances of reaching more potential buyers. Craft compelling and unique product titles and descriptions for each platform. Utilize keywords relevant to your product to improve search visibility.

List on as many as you can.

  • Facebook (Hot Spot)
  • Poshmark
  • Ebay
  • Kijiji (Canada)
  • OfferUp (US)
  • Mercari (US)

TITLE: *BEST OFFER* “Product Name”

Example: *BEST OFFER* Hoodie (New)

  • Obviously don't always copy straight up, change it up a little.


  • This makes you list higher 
  • Getting you more messages 
  • Especially combined with quality pics.  

These are the basic fundamentals of reselling to better your understanding.

This is a structure to follow, and once you start, you'll quickly learn how everythiing works and will eventually tweak each step to your own preference.

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